Let's have a virtual tour during the Virtual Reality Market of Montreal

Virtual revolution in motion in Montreal

Wednesday, May 31, 2017, KEYS Real Estate Agency participates in the second edition of the virtual reality market of Montreal. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the benefits of this technology that revolutionizes not only cinema, video games, sciences... but also real estate industry! During the virtual reality market, participants can also exchange directly with specialists and, above all, experience on-site the various possibilities of this new immersive mode of communication. Virtual reality is the future !

KEYS is the first real estate agency in Montreal to participate in such an event. The agency uses virtual reality headsets to visit properties. With virtual reality headsets, prospective buyers have the opportunity to explore a 360-degree immersion whether there are home in Canada or on the other side of the world. They can visit a space without having to be there physically and having the feeling of being there. KEYS is the first real estate agency to offer this service in Quebec.

Marché de la réalite virtuelle de Montréal

Visit Virtual Homes

Discovering rooms thanks to virtual tours is a considerable advantage to get rid of physical limits and is more practical than traditional visits. Virtual homes are exact replicas of physical locations.

Virtual tours can be realized thanks to 360° cameras or 3D-modeled images generated by the computer that allows the user to move around the environment in Points (or as he wishes). This new way of visiting real estate will save valuable time for the buyer and seller.

The buyer will have the opportunity to visit as much house or apartment as he desires while remaining in the same place. The seller could expend the visibility of its house abroad. 

The Benefits of Virtual Reality

The client will save a considerable amount of time compared to traditional home visits, so he can visit another property with a single click. People with difficulty in traveling will no longer have problems, as they will be able to visit all the properties offered by staying in the same place. His visits will be accompanied by descriptions, whether it is information about the different furniture that make up the house or information about the neighborhood. The house can also be visited while under renovation or construction as if they were already finished. Learn more about the benefits of virtual reality.

How to visit properties in virtual reality ? Customers can visit at the agency all the properties they want thanks to Oculus Rift headset which allows the best immersive experience to date. In addition, KEYS also offers its customers the Samsung Gear headset so that they can make visits while staying at home.

The revolution of virtual reality is on the move ! 31st May 2017 at the virtual reality market in Montreal.


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A traditional borough of the French-speaking Montreal bourgeoisie, Outremont is also often the favorite neighborhood of the French community families.

Le Plateau Mont-Royal

Plateau Mont-Royal district, which has recently become the fashionable district, is now a privileged place of residence.


Westmount is an affluent suburb on the Island of Montreal. It is an enclave of the city of Montreal, with a population of 19,931.

Ville-Marie (Downtown and Old Montreal)

This historic district and birthplace of Montreal has long been the economic heartland of Canada.


Le parcours riverain de Lachine et Lasalle offre un accès privilégié aux berges et des vues imprenables sur le Saint-Laurent et ses îles. Périphérie immédiate du centre-ville, l’arrondissement offre de nombreux espaces verts.

South West Island

The area has a great architectural diversity of former factories transformed into lofts, new constructions on the edge of the canal through the first Victorian houses.


Commonly known as HOMA, the borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve is an area where construction is most active in Montreal.

Nuns' Island

Nuns' Island (Ile des Soeurs), is an island located in the Saint Lawrence River that forms a part of the city of Montreal.

North West Island

The West of Montreal North more commonly known as North West Island encompasses the western region of Montreal and L'ile Bizard.


Saint-Laurent est l'un des plus grands arrondissements de la ville de Montréal, situé au nord de l’Ile de Montréal. Définir l'arrondissement Saint-Laurent, c’est balancer entre la technologie de pointe et la vie familiale ! Car on y retrouve l’un des plus importants centres industriels du Canada et de très beaux secteurs résidentiels pour les familles. Plus de 4000 familles y vivent. Ces familles profitent ainsi de nombreux espaces verts et d’une vie culturelle qui reflète la présence de plus de 160 nationalités. De multiples attraits pour attirer les ménages en quête d’un chez-soi sympathique à proximité de tout.


Extending along the Rivière des Prairies, at the northwest end of Montreal, the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough offers an enviable geographical position.


The borough of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension is a true multicultural niche. Many industries have settled there, creating a lot of jobs in the neighborhood.


Anjou-Saint-Léonard is by far the most populous town on the east of the island of Montreal, with more than 75,000 inhabitants.

Côte-des-Neiges et Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Côte des Neiges - Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (CDN / NDG) is the most cosmopolitan and populous borough of Montreal with nearly 170,000 inhabitants.


The borough has an impressive number of urban villages between the Angus sector, Little Italy, Molson Park businesses and Masson Park.

South West and Verdun

The South-West has a great architectural diversity from the former factories transformed into lofts, new constructions on the edge of the canal through the first Victorian houses.


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