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Buying a condo, a house or an apartment is not always an obvious process. Fortunately, our brokers understood that. Your time is as precious as your desire to feel at home. By trusting us, you are sure to surround yourself with professionals who will like to work closely with you. Our mission is to sell you a good quality that meets your expectations and your budget.

Our goal is to build a real relationship with you, based on listening and understanding of your project.


We accompany you in your project life


We offer our clients a range of services adapted to their real estate purchase needs. True global service, we even have a strategy to accompany our clients abroad. This is partly what sets us apart in the real estate market.

Over time, we have built a network of quality partners that you can benefit from throughout your installation: design, decoration, home-staging, contractor, concierge, tax, accounting, immigration, notary and banker.

We are committed to accompany you during this particular event in your life: the purchase of a real estate property.


Brokers by area


Our team consists of brokers trained and specialized by neighborhood. They possess a precise historical, demographic and real estate knowledge for the sector that you desire. Our brokers are able to support you in the real estate purchase of your property, they provide you with information on the history, demographic composition and neighborhood life, advise you on areas of value and expose the strengths and the weaknesses of each place.


Custom buying and selling strategies


We develop strategies to meet your specific needs. It is in our values to sell you a quality property that fits your expectations and interests. We want to go beyond the simple transaction and build, with you, a real relationship of proximity and confidence.


Virtual Reality Visits


Our agency is the first and only one in Quebec to offer to all our customers the visit of real estate in virtual reality. Equipped with Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear headsets you can visit the properties you want, in full immersion!

Whether you are in Quebec or internationally, it is now possible to see several properties without making an appointment. A few minutes of virtual tours and you will be fascinated by this technology that will carry you beyond the real while saving you weeks of unnecessary visits.



Montreal, a favourable city to purchase a property


Montreal is at the crossroads of cultures and attracts many investment projects. Ranked as one of the most affordable American cities, Montreal is THE place to invest.


Le Plateau

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5 , 3 , 1+0



5 , 2+0 , 1+0


Le Plateau

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Le Plateau

6 1/2 , 3 , 2



6 , 3 , 1

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